Pittsburgh has a great coffee scene and I'm on a misson to try every shop. Want to learn more about Pittsburgh coffee? Check out my passion project pgh.coffee where I attempt to document every coffee shop in the steel city.

My cofee equipment

My home setup

The heart of my coffee bar is my Profitec GO. I spent over six months researching espresso machines and I couldn't be happier with my final selection. I'm using an ECM bottomless portafilter with an 18g ridgeless VST percision basket. My tamper, puck screen, shot mirror, and milk pitcher are from Normcore. My WDT tool is a random one from Amazon I thought looked nice. My tamping mat is from watchget. The warming tray holds a few notNeutral veros. The espresso glasses I use are from Flur. I use a Fellow Opus to grind beans for espresso.

When I'm not pulling shots, I'm enjoying pour overs from my V60. It sits in a V60 drip station that pairs perfectly with my Hario scale. When I want to switch things up, I'll break out my MK Dripper. My Fellow Ode is used exclusively to grind for pour overs. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a fan of Fellow. Their Stagg EKG kettle makes something as monotonous as boiling water an ejoyable act.

I keep all the odds and ends I don't used on a daily basis inside the IKEA KUGGIS boxes. This includes additional brewers and miscellaneous things like filters and portafilters.

Everything rests on an IKEA FJÄLLBO shelf.